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Sun Water Jar

Sun Water Jar

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Our beautiful glass etched sun water jar is the perfect addition to any home or office for charging and storing your sun water.

You will receive ONE Sun Water Jar, etched Glass image of the Sun and text 'Sun Water' on front

The jar is 4.75 in tall (with the cork in), 3.75 in. wide, and 1.5 in. deep. It approximately holds 5.7 fl oz. Please note that it is food safe, hand washing is recommended, and do not microwave.

We also offer a Moon Water Jar and a Sun Water & Moon Water Jar Set Link here

The durable jar features an intricate etching of the sun on the front, adding a touch of whimsy and magic to your space. Display it on your countertop, desk, or shelf to add some celestial charm to your home. This unique and eye-catching piece is sure to impress.

☀️The sun is associated with all kinds of potent energy that you can harness to promote physical and emotional healing, stimulates creativity and inspiration, and enhances spiritual awareness. Sun Water is simply water that has been charged by solar energy.

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