• Golden Sheen Obsidian Bracelet

    Golden Sheen Obsidian helps one find a sense of direction in their life that aligns with Divine will. Golden Sheen Obsidian is known to attract prosperity and can greatly enhance the visualization process. [...]

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  • Clear Quartz Heart

    Clear Quartz is known as the 'Master Healer'. It is a powerful crystal that can be programmed to manifest any intention. One of the best ways to experience the immense power of Clear Quartz is to use it to help amplify your intentions. [...]

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  • Sodalite Semi-Polished Point

    Sodalite eases symptoms of anxiety and depression, but also promotes emotional balance. Sodalite boosts self-esteem, enhances creativity, and restores one's confidence in their abilities. [...]

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Palo Santo – Sustainability and Disambiguation

Learn more about the different types of Palo Santo woods, where they originate, their usage, and about our commitment to ethically sourced Palo Santo.

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Numerology is an ancient study that draws meaning from different numbers, number combinations, letters, and symbols in your life. Learn more about your Numbers.

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Nature is all about Math

"The Book of Nature is written in the language of Mathematics." [Galileo Galilei]

Explore stunning subjects such as the Fibonacci Sequence, the Golden Ratio, as well as subjects closer to Crystals, such as Sacred Geometry.

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