Guide to Smudging

Guide to Smudging Palo Santa Selenite Sage Smudge Cleanse

What is smudging?

Smudging is a cleansing ceremony used to rid a person, space, or object of negative energies, spirits, or influences. It is common in many cultures throughout the world and has been practiced for thousands of years. The smudging process involves burning dried sacred herbs, which are often wrapped together in twine. By repeating your intention in the form of an affirmation or prayer, either out loud or in your own mind throughout the ritual, you can release negative energy and manifest positive changes.

How often should I smudge?

Smudging can be performed as often as you feel it is needed. Some of the best times to smudge include:
  • When you feel energetically drained, overwhelmed, or feel negative energy emitting from your aura, an object, or your environment.
  • Moving into a new environment, such as a home or office space.
  • During a full moon and new moon ritual, or during any form of healing practice.
  • Celebrating a new beginning, relationship, or endeavor.
  • After returning from a crowded space, or an environment where there was negative energies or influences.

What should I use to smudge?

Smudging is often performed with white sage, Palo Santo, cedar, selenite, sweetgrass, or lavender.

How is smudging performed?

Smudging must be performed in a well-ventilated area in order to allow the negative energy and smoke to escape. It is important to smudge yourself prior to smudging another object, space, or person.

Light the tip of your smudge stick and allow it to burn (approximately 3-10 seconds for white sage, and up to 60 seconds for Palo Santo). Blow out the flame, allowing it to smolder and smoke. Move the smudge stick around, allowing the smoke to fill the space or object of focus. Allow the scent to bring peace, calmness, and clarity throughout your ritual, along with positive energy and feelings.

As you perform the cleansing ritual, repeat your intentions (either out loud or in your own mind), staying focused on the movement of the smoke and welcoming the shift of energy. When you're finished, place the smudge stick on a fire-proof dish and allow it to cease smoking on its own.
What smudging tools would you recommend?
At Crystal Logic Shop, we would recommend using the following smudging tools (all of which can be purchased from our store!):


Lavender Palo Santo Selenite White Sage Cleanse Cleansing Smudge Smudging

Lavender has been used for centuries as an effective remedy in treating symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. It reduces feelings of restlessness and eases insomnia by promoting a peaceful sleep.

Palo Santo
Palo Santo has a long history of use by the native people of South America. It is considered an essential tool in sacred rituals for its cleansing and medicinal healing properties. The soothing scent of Palo Santo releases negative energies, thoughts, and feelings. It raises one's vibration to a higher level and has a deeply calming effect on the mind.
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Selenite purifies and cleanses the aura, and protects one from negative influences. It instills deep peace, making it highly effective in meditation or spiritual work. It can be used to form a protective grid around a house, creating a safe and quiet space that does not allow outside influences in.
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White sage
White sage has long been considered a sacred, purifying, and protective plant. It emits negative ions, while our aura holds positive ions. Through the smudging process, one can neutralize their aura and the energy of other spaces or objects to cleanse and renew. Studies have shown that white sage can boost memory, improve air quality, and decrease stress.
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Benefits of smudging

Research has shown that scent is one of the most powerful senses to aid in reducing anxiety and stress. Performing a cleansing ritual and focusing on positive thoughts and intentions can be directly linked to the practice of mindfulness and therefore, helpful in reducing stress levels. Smudging has also been found to balance levels of serotonin, promote restfulness, and greatly enhance the quality of sleep.

Our favorite affirmations!

The team at Crystal Logic Shop recommend using the following affirmations when performing a cleansing ritual:

"Into this smoke, I release all the energies that do not serve me, all negativity that surrounds me, and all fears that limit me."

"May this sacred smoke cleanse away all negative energies. May it open my heart and home to love, light, peace, and harmony."

If you have any questions about the smudging process, feel free to reach out! We're always happy to help.