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Shungite Mushroom

Shungite Mushroom

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The shape of a crystal can influence its power and manifestations. Mushrooms represent good fortune, safety, wealth, and enlightenment. They bring forth clarity, are regarded as the symbol of spiritual powers that can bring luck and endless power.

The stalk represents the spine and the cap on top represents the opened crown charka. They are also a symbol of good luck and good fortune.

In ancient Egypt, Mushrooms represented immortality and symbolize the powers of the world that exist abundantly that are typically unseen.

• ONE Shungite Crystal Mushroom
• ONE Crystal Meaning Card

• Measurements: 36mm (1.42 in) tall
• Weight: approx. 20 grams (0.71 oz.)

Shungite Keys: Strength, Clarity, Protection

Metaphysical Properties

Shungite is a very protective stone that counteracts the harmful effects of EMFs and radiation fro electronic devices. Shungite cleanses and reinvigorates each chakra, removes toxins from the body, and reduces inflammation and pain in the body.

Crystal Associations

Zodiacs: Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn

Element: Earth

Chakras: Root


"I am shielded from negative energy and influences."

Our Crystals and Gemstones are from 100% natural stone. Our pictures are a representation of the quality and dimensions of the items we have available in stock. Please allow for variances in color, shape, and size, as these stones are unique and minor variations are what make them beautiful.

** Please understand the above description is not a promise to cure ailments. Though I am a certified Usui Reiki Master, I am not a medical professional. The description is based on my experience, favorite crystal books, and online resources. **

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