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Green Aventurine Egg

Green Aventurine Egg

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How adorable are these mini eggs?! Perfect for Spring time! Add these Green Aventurine Crystal Eggs to your crystal collection or use them in meditation and energy work to experience their powerful metaphysical properties for yourself.

🟢ONE Green Aventurine Crystal Mini Egg
🟢ONE Crystal Meaning Card

♦ Approximate Measurements: 0.79in x 1.2 inches (20mm x 30mm)

Green Aventurine Keys: Healing, Abundance, Growth

Metaphysical Properties

Green Aventurine is a stone of new opportunities. It is said to be one of the luckiest crystals to use for manifesting prosperity, abundance, and career success. It encourages one to look toward the future with optimism and excitement. Green Aventurine is a beneficial stone for those in leadership positions as it promotes courage, self-confidence, authenticity, and decisiveness. Associated with the heart chakra, Green Aventurine helps to heal and soothe painful emotions, particularly those experienced during childhood.

Crystal Associations

Zodiacs: Aries, Leo

Element: Earth, Water

Chakras: Heart


"I welcome success, abundance, and new opportunities in all areas of my life."

Our Crystals and Gemstones are from 100% natural stone. Our pictures are a representation of the quality and dimensions of the items we have available in stock. Please allow for variances in color, shape, and size, as these stones are unique and minor variations are what make them beautiful.

** Please understand the above description is not a promise to cure ailments. Though I am a certified Usui Reiki Master, I am not a medical professional. The description is based on my experience, favorite crystal books, and online resources. **

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