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Evil Eye / Hamsa Hand Necklace

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You will receive ONE Hamsa Hand Necklace.

This Hamsa Hand Necklace includes a Hamsa Hand charm and its 20-inch Silver plated chain.
The Charm is ~20mm (0.75 in.) x 12mm (0.5 in.) and comes with a 925 Silver Plated Chain, 20 in. long.

The Hamsa is a hand-shaped symbol with the evil eye on the palm and the universal sign of protection. The Hamsa Hand is known for uniting the good, dispelling the bad, bringing about positive energy, and thwarting negative energies.

It spans almost every century and culture, and was first seen in ancient Mesopotamia, long before any organized religion. It is believed to protect its wearers from evil and bring them good luck.

Wear it to keep your life in balance and know you are always protected.