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Deluxe Tumbled Crystal Set

Deluxe Tumbled Crystal Set

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Discover new crystal energy with our Deluxe Tumbled Crystal Set. This set includes ONE large hand cut and polished Selenite Crystal Charging Bowl, and SEVEN carefully chosen tumbled crystals at an unbeatable value of over 13% savings. Experiment with the energies and properties of these unique crystals. 

Our Deluxe Tumbled Crystal Set includes:

  • ONE Selenite Crystal Charging Bowl (approx. 4” in diameter x 1.5” deep): Place crystals, stones, or jewelry in this charging bowl to remove any accumulated energies. *IMPORTANT: Selenite is water-soluble and should not get wet.
  • SEVEN Tumbled Stones
    • Unakite - Contains a gentle energy that promotes feelings of gratitude, helping one see the beauty in life.
    • Rose Quartz - Opens the heart to promote healthy & harmonious relationships of all kinds, and can be an effective stone for attracting new love of self and others.
    • Rainbow Moonstone - Powerful emotional healer recommended for those who carry old emotional wounds.
    • Hematite - Enhances courage and boldness, and effective for calming an overactive and scattered mind.
    • Smoky Quartz - One of the most powerful grounding stones due to its deep connection with the Earth.
    • Ruby Fuchsite - Combines the powerful energies of Ruby with the tranquil nature of Fuchsite to create a wonderful stone of emotional support.
    • White Howlite - An extremely calming & soothing stone that allows one to enter a deep meditative state.


Our Crystals and Gemstones are from 100% natural stone. Our pictures are a representation of the quality and dimensions of the items we have available in stock. Please allow for variances in color, shape, and size, as these stones are unique and minor variations are what make them beautiful.

** Please understand the above description is not a promise to cure ailments. Though I am a certified Usui Reiki Master, I am not a medical professional. The description is based on my experience, favorite crystal books, and online resources. **

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