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Crystal Grid - Spiral

Crystal Grid - Spiral

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You will receive ONE Crystal Grid - Spiral.

  • Select the size: 4, 6, 8 or 10 inches in diameter
  • Select the finish: Basswood, Walnut, or Cherry
    • Cherry Plywood is a vibrant, reddish colored hardwood with a golden luster
    • Walnut Plywood is a rich, chocolate brown with hints of purple
    • Basswood Plywood is creamy white in color, clean, light, and soft

This grid is made to order, in 1/8" Plywood.

You may also download this grid for free and print it yourself (See our Free Download page).

Spirals begin at a center point and radiate outward following a mathematical formula and can continue outward infinitely. Spiral grids are typically focused on Expansion and Creativity. Read more about Crystal Grids here: Guide to Crystal Grids

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