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Crystal Grid Set - Re-Energize

Crystal Grid Set - Re-Energize

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You will receive ONE Crystal Grid Set, focused on Re-Energizing, which includes:

  • ONE Crystal Grid (Merkaba design) in Baltic Birch Plywood (8 in.)
  • ONE Mookaite Heart (as your Focus Stone)
  • SIX Carnelian Tumble Stones (as your Desire Stones)
  • SIX Serpentine Tumble Stones (as your Directional Stones) 

Mookaite Properties

Mookaite Jasper improves the general health of the body, strengthens the immune system, and is supportive during times of stress. It is beneficial during pregnancy as it promotes the healthy development of the baby. Mookaite Jasper encourages one to become more open and adaptable to change in their life.

Carnelian Properties

Carnelian is a high energy crystal with a warm energy that helps restore vitality and motivation. It stimulates creativity, strengthens concentration, and brings out undiscovered talents. Carnelian is a crystal of bold leadership and promotes qualities of authenticity, courage, and decisiveness. It gives one the confidence and willpower to achieve success in business and other pursuits. Carnelian enhances mental clarity and helps one overcome procrastination. It assists one in becoming more independent and promotes healthy sexual relationships.

Serpentine Properties

Serpentine is one of the best stones for stimulating the kundalini energies. Place this stone on the meridian points to clear blockages and allow a healthy flow of energy to radiate through the body. Serpentine is beneficial for arthritis, issues of the respiratory system, and autoimmune diseases.

Our Crystals and Gemstones are from 100% natural stone. Our pictures are a representation of the quality and dimensions of the items we have available in stock. Please allow for variances in color, shape, and size, as these stones are unique and minor variations are what make them beautiful.

** Please understand the above description is not a promise to cure ailments. Though I am a certified Usui Reiki Master, I am not a medical professional. The description is based on my experience, favorite crystal books, and online resources. **

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