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Crystal Grid - Lotus

Crystal Grid - Lotus

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 You will receive ONE Crystal Grid - Lotus.

  • Select the size: 4, 6, 8 or 10 inches in diameter
  • Select the finish: Basswood, Walnut, or Cherry
    • Cherry Plywood is a vibrant, reddish colored hardwood with a golden luster
    • Walnut Plywood is a rich, chocolate brown with hints of purple
    • Basswood Plywood is creamy white in color, clean, light, and soft

This grid is made to order, in 1/8" Plywood.

You may also download this grid for free and print it yourself (See our Free Download page).

Lotus symbolizes the emergence of pure thought and deed from imperfection. Spirituality can also blossom from a flawed human base, as the lotus does from the mud. Read more about Crystal Grids here: Guide to Crystal Grids

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