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Crystal Display Shelf

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Bring the enchanting energy of the moon to your space with our Crystal Display Shelf. This gorgeous wooden geometric shelf doubles as a decorative display for your collection of crystals, witchy items, and more. Whether you're creating a celestial bedroom or a whimsical nursery, this shelf adds warmth and texture to any space.

Our shelf makes for a unique gift idea for your loved ones. The wall-mounted triangle shelf is sure to delight anyone and is a great housewarming gift. It looks stunning as an entryway key holder or as a decor piece on its own.

Made of 100% paulownia wood, this moon shelf is lightweight yet sturdy. Adhesive hooks are all you need to hang light crystals and collectibles (please check your item weight). This small mountain shelf is perfect for transforming your dorm or office into a celestial-inspired wonderland.

Assembly is easy and hassle-free. Our shelf comes pre-assembled with two sawtooth and three hooks already attached, so you can hang your necklaces, dreamcatchers, or whatever your creative mind desires. Don't wait to invite moon magic into your room with our Crystal Display Shelf.