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Celtic Cross Blind Tarot Reading 10 Cards

Celtic Cross Blind Tarot Reading 10 Cards

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A General Blind Reading using the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread, provides you with a comprehensive reading for anyone seeking guidance and insight without having to ask specific questions. I will draw cards without any prior knowledge of your situation and will allow the channeled message to provide a unique and unbiased reading just for you. This general tarot reading is suitable for all ages, including tarot for beginners, and offers interpretations and meanings for a variety of topics. This intuitive psychic reading is unique in that it uses the powerful Celtic Cross Tarot Spread, and perfect for anyone seeking mystical tarot insights and tarot reading divination. It's also perfect for tarot inspired gifts for anyone looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the issue at hand. This Celtic Cross Tarot reading offers tarot meaning insight to help you move forward with confidence. Let the wisdom of the cards guide you and provide valuable insights of what energies are at play in your life.

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread - Ten Cards

♦ Spiritually cleansed tarot cards and space with palo santo and selenite
♦ A paragraph describing each card pulled
♦ A summary paragraph explaining the overall message the universe has for you

✨Bonus: If any cards reveal themselves during your reading, I will also include my interpretation of the message meant for you.

About me:

My name is Katie, and I come from a long line of intuitives on my mother's side. My great-grandmother was born in Arles, France, and I am second generation American. All of the women in my family have a strong sense of clairvoyancy and connection with the spiritual realm. As someone with a strong connection to the metaphysical world, I can use tarot to provide insight and guidance on your journey. Let me use my gifts to help you on your path.

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* Please understand that these readings are for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only, and does not substitute for any medical, legal, or professional advice. ** I also don't control the messages I channel, and will provide you with a direct reading with no sugar coating. I am not responsible for any actions you choose pertaining to your reading.
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