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Black Sage Smudge Stick

Black Sage Smudge Stick

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You will receive ONE Black Sage Smudge Stick.

Black Sage, also known as Mugwort or Magical Sage, is known for its unique ability to stimulate dreams, introspection, and inner healing.

Read our "Guide to Smudging" for more information.

Each bundle is about 4 inches long.

Blue Sage Keys: Prosperity, Meditation, Cleansing, Abundance

Metaphysical Properties

Blue Sage (Salvia azurea) is a purifying herb with broad applications, but mostly associated with prosperity and cleansing of negative energies.

Blue Sage’s soothing scent make it a sage of choice in meditation, as it is less pungent than White Sage.


Zodiacs: All

Element: Earth

Chakras: All


“Healing herbs, lend your power,

Chase away illness in this hour.

With your strength, relieve all pain,

And make [person's name] whole again.”

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