Episode 3: Sacred Geometry

Episode 3: Sacred Geometry

All around us, geometric patterns create the fundamental structure and templates of life in the universe. You see them in the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio. These patterns can be broken down into the language of mathematics and govern our entire visible and invisible world. The geometrical patterns reveal the nature of all forms and their vibrational resonances. But what are the spiritual meanings behind these geometric patterns and symbols?

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry is the study of certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions, and their associated symbolic and sacred meanings.
The concept of the universe following an complex equation dates many centuries BCE. As you might recall from our "Episode 2, The Golden Ratio", Euclid had already mentioned (c. 300 BCE) the Golden Ratio (back then called “extreme and mean ratio”) in his "Elements".

The molecules of our DNA, snowflakes, seed pods, shells, and even our own galaxy are created out of geometric patterns.

How does Sacred Geometry impacts us?

"Sacred geometry is all about this sense of natural alignment." [Emma Mildon, The Soul Searcher's Handbook]

Sacred Geometry supports the idea that everything is connected. The deeper the knowledge you gain about Sacred Geometric patterns, the more you open up to the life and creation of the Universe itself. In the ancient world, Sacred Geometry was considered as essential to the education of the soul. These patterns were thought as representing our own inner realm, and that they contributed significantly to higher consciousness and self-awareness. Sacred Geometry charms and symbols can also be used to promote this principle in your life.

Sacred geometry has the potential to heal, harmonize, and rebalance.

"Different patterns formed from sacred geometry offer focal points for meditative states, such as mandalas and Sri Yantras." [Emma Mildon, The Soul Searcher's Handbook]

Sacred geometric symbols can be worn as jewelry or crystals can be arranged in geometric patterns on a crystal grid to activate these states.

What are the meaning of the most common shapes?

The 5 Platonic Solids, Tetrahedron (or pyramid), Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, and Icosahedron are thought of as the "building blocks" of the Universe. In addition to these 5 regular polyhedra, we will cover also basic shapes, such as the Triangle, a symbol that underlies all the Platonic Solids, and symbolizes balance, harmony, and completion.


Despite its simple geometry, the triangle bears a lot of symbolism. Its shape represents 3 elements of our being requiring balance to reach enlightenment. Some of these elements are:

  • Mind, body & spirit
  • Past, present & future
  • Mental, physical & emotional

Positioned with the point upwards, the triangle symbolizes masculinity and stability, as well as raising consciousness. When pointing downward, it is associated with feminine energy, reproduction, but also the Moon.


Circles have no beginning or end, thus thought of as a symbol of oneness.

Energy is contained in circles so that cycles of growth can occur within them. From a spiritual perspective, the circle represents a continuous movement of things. A circle represents the heavens, whereas a square represents the earth and human form. Symbolically, on a larger scale, a circle represents the Divine that keeps all things moving through spiritual law and order. On a smaller scale, our own individual spiritual force is symbolized by a circle.

Circles also represent the completion of cycles, potentials, and transitions. It protects against chaos and unpredictability. Circles symbolizes the progression that inspires us to keep going.


In Sacred Geometry, the Square represents structure, balance, logic, and law. It also represents the 4 elements of the physical world: earth, air, water, and fire.

By extent, the Square represents grounding, and safety. As physical beings, we require structure, community, and direction to make it through the physical realm. The square offers all of these elements.

Spiritually, the Square often brings the reassurance that you are protected from chaos. It reminders us to breathe, get grounded, and focus. It is a symbol of strength, logic, and survival.

Sacred Geometry Platonic Solids Fire Earth Air Ether Water

The 5 Platonic Solids:


The Tetrahedron, which means “with four planes”, is a four-sided triangular-based pyramid. It has a rare property: since all 4 faces are identical, each side sits flat, no matter how it is turned, making it the perfect symbol for balance and stability.

The Tetrahedron represents the element of Fire, which relates it to passion, drive, and physical concerns. It corresponds to the Solar Plexus Chakra, which we know as the center for personal power and acceptance.

As a meditation tool, the Tetrahedron will assist you in creating change in your life. It supports acceptance of the old so you can create something new.

The Tetrahedron’s key function is Manifestation.


The Hexahedron is most commonly known as a Cube.

The Hexahedron represents the element of Earth and corresponds to the Root Chakra. It symbolizes stability and its main property is to increase the intensity of intention, attention and action.

As a meditation tool, the Hexahedron will assist in maintaining focus, grounding your energy, and removing tensions. The Hexahedron makes the link between your energy and those of Earth and Nature.

The Hexahedron's key function is Grounding.


The Octahedron is formed from placing two square-based pyramids base to base.

The Octahedron represents the element of Air and corresponds to the Heart Chakra. It symbolizes universal and unconditional love.

As a meditation tool, the Octahedron will assist with healing, acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion for yourself and others.

There are several crystals that will exhibit this natural occurring formation including Fluorite, Spinel, Magnetite, and Diamond to name a few.

The Octahedron’s key function is Integration.


The Dodecahedron has 20 faces, each of them shaped as a Pentagon.

The Dodecahedron represents the Ethers, Storm, and the Universe and corresponds to the Higher Crown Chakra. It symbolizes the unknown and the mysterious.

As a meditation tool, the Dodecahedron will assist with raising your frequency and connecting with your higher self. The Dodecahedron is an expression of life and consciousness, allowing us to go beyond the vibrations of the physical body and to reconnect with the higher vibration of our true nature.

The Dodecahedron’s key functions are Ascension, Expression, Divine creation of life and the highest form of Consciousness.


The Icosahedron is formed of 12 faces, each of them shaped as an equilateral triangle.

The Icosahedron represents the element of Water and corresponds to the Sacral Chakra. It symbolizes universal and unconditional love.

As a meditation tool, the Icosahedron will assist with allowing freedom of expression, enhancing creativity, and removing emotional blockages. It is also known as the perfect healing tool for finding balance and harmony, especially in the areas of fertility and sexuality.

The Icosahedron's key functions is Transformation.

Sacred geometry practices for you to try

Create a crystal grid:

  • Gather your favorite crystals and take some time reflecting on what you are seeking.
  • Use our free Guide to Crystal Grid (link here) to find the grid related to your area of focus.
  • Use our free downloadable Crystal Grids (link here) or order them from our website (link here - We have many sizes and materials available).
  • Lay out your crystals according to the Crystal Grid you selected, focusing on your intent
  • Meditate in front of your crystal grid. You may place your grid on an altar to amplify its energy.

Sri Yantra Meditation:

  • Find your quiet place in your home.
  • Place a Sri Yantra at eye level (feel free to use the Sri Yantra in our Free Download section. Link here)
  • Focus your eyes on the center of the Sri Yantra.
  • Let your eyes slightly relax and allow the energy symbol to carry you.

Sacred geometry can be seen on all levels, from cells to stars, and in everything from nature to music. When we are attuned to it, we can greatly benefit from it.

"When we exist in accordance with these sacred principles, we are in a state of abundance and receptivity—we become energetic architects and empowered co-creators of our reality." [Jemma Foster, Sacred Geometry: How To Use Cosmic Patterns To Power Up Your Life]

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