(re)Discover Unakite

(re)Discover Unakite

(re)Discover Earth's Harmonious Gem: Unakite. Join us as we explore its history, metaphysical powers, and how to use it for Balance.

Historical Origins

Unakite, admired for its striking pink and green blend, earns its name from the Unaka Range along the Tennessee-North Carolina boundary. As a true composition of minerals, Unakite's moss-like appearance enhances its appeal in lapidary art, the craft of shaping and polishing gemstones, and architectural ornamentation. Notably, Unakite was used for adorning the front steps of Washington DC's Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.


Geological Properties & Location(s)

Mineral Information: Orthoclase feldspar, potassium aluminum silicate, epidote, calcium aluminum iron silicate hydroxide and clear quartz
Hardness: 6 to 7 (Mohs)
Location(s): North America, South America, Asia, Africa
Okay to get wet? Yes

Unakite, classified as a metamorphic rock, undergoes formation through the alteration of granite due to hydrothermal activity (hot water activity deep within the Earth). Often referred to as epidote/epidotized granite, Unakite is a mix of different minerals: green epidote, pink orthoclase feldspar, and clear quartz. Occasional trace amounts of materials like magnetite or zircon may also be present. It's important to note that Unakite, being a rock rather than a gemstone or mineral, is found exclusively in masses and lacks crystal forms.

Notably, Unakite deposits extend beyond the United States, with significant occurrences in Brazil, China, Sierra Leone, and South Africa.

Metaphysical Properties

Beyond its physical attributes, Unakite resonates with the earth that hold the potential to enrich our well-being:

  • Chakra Alignment: Unakite resonates with the Heart Chakra, unblocking and nurturing the heart after loss, separation, or trauma, promoting emotional healing and renewal.

  • Elemental Affinity: Connected to the element of Earth, Unakite fosters a deep connection with the Earth's grounding energies, anchoring you to the bounty and nurturing essence of nature.

  • Astrological Influence: Scorpio benefits from Unakite's energy, enhancing emotional healing and fostering healthy attachments, supporting personal growth and transformation.

  • Emotional Regulation: Unakite aids in encouraging healing and balance, providing comfort and support during challenging times.

  • Focus and Objectivity: By enhancing meditation practices, Unakite brings clarity and focus to the mind, helping you navigate life's complexities with a centered perspective and a grounded sense of purpose.

“I welcome prosperity, connection, and abundant blessings from an open heart.”

How to Use Unakite

Explore various ways to incorporate Unakite's magic into your life:
Unakite Illustration Unakite Illustration
1. Home Decor or Workspace: Enhance the ambiance of your living or working environment by placing Unakite in spaces calling for more love and nurturing energies. 3. Plants: Integrate Unakite into your garden or plant pots to establish a connection with the natural world, promoting growth, vitality, and a healing atmosphere. Unakite's presence amplifies the healing and rejuvenating spirit of the plants.
2. Meditation: Elevate your meditation practice by placing Unakite over your heart center. This intentional placement fosters a profound connection with compassion and inner healing. 4. Jewelry: Wear Unakite jewelry to invite loving energies and emotional balance into your daily life. It's gentle influence serves as a reminder to cultivate self-love and compassion.


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