(re)Discover Caribbean Calcite

(re)Discover Caribbean Calcite

(re)Discover the Allure of Caribbean Calcite. Join us as we explore its history, metaphysical powers, and how to use it for recharging.

Historical Origins

Caribbean Calcite is a newcomer in the world of crystals. Discovered in 2019, this exquisite stone hails exclusively from Pakistan, despite its name evoking visions of the Caribbean shores. Its unique blend of blue calcite, white aragonite, and light brown aragonite showcases nature's artistry, resembling the serene beauty of Caribbean beaches. While its history may be short, its allure and geological formation are nothing short of fascinating.

Caribbean Calcite Illustration

Geological Properties & Location(s)

Mineral Information: Calcium Carbonate
Hardness: 3 to 3.5 (Mohs)
Location(s): Asia
Okay to get wet? No

Caribbean Calcite often retains natural crevices and may display druzy linings. Its hardness falls between 3 and 3.5, making it relatively delicate. Many specimens are characterized by vugs, creating a swiss cheese-like appearance, often hosting botryoidal formations or fully formed crystals of brown or white aragonite and calcite. The hardness difference—3.0 for calcite and 4.0 for aragonite—allows for easy identification. Scratching with copper reveals the distinction. This crystal is part of the polymorph series of calcium carbonate minerals, with calcite being the most stable, aragonite gradually transforming into calcite over time or with heat, and vaterite exhibiting rapid changes when exposed to moisture.

Caribbean Calcite can only be found in Pakistan.

Caribbean Calcite Illustration

Metaphysical Properties

Beyond its enchanting allure, Caribbean Calcite offers a realm of metaphysical properties:

  • Chakra Alignment: Caribbean Calcite resonates with the Third Eye and Crown chakras, fostering spiritual insight and higher consciousness.

  • Elemental Affinity: Linked with the elements of Water and Earth, Caribbean Calcite embodies the calming yet grounding forces of these natural elements.

  • Astrological Influence: This crystal's energy is particularly attuned to Cancer and Virgo zodiac signs, enhancing their intuitive and analytical qualities.

  • Emotional Regulation: Caribbean Calcite's soothing energy helps balance the mind, providing mental clarity and emotional stability. It aids in releasing stress and anxiety, promoting inner peace.

  • Focus and Objectivity: By activating psychic abilities and facilitating lucid dreaming, Caribbean Calcite promotes a deeper understanding of oneself and the world. It enhances focus and objectivity, allowing for more profound insights and solutions.

“I am calm and at peace with myself and others.”

How to Use Caribbean Calcite

Explore various ways to incorporate Caribbean Calcite's magic into your life:
Caribbean Calcite Illustration Caribbean Calcite Illustration
1. Mental Recharge: During moments of stress or anxiety, hold the crystal to your forehead or crown chakra to facilitate mental relaxation and emotional balance. 3. Dream Journaling: Keep a dream journal by your bedside, and before sleep, hold Caribbean Calcite while setting an intention to remember and interpret your dreams more vividly.
2. Meditation Companion: Hold a piece of Caribbean Calcite during meditation to enhance your connection to higher realms, stimulate your intuition, and receive insightful guidance. 4. Decorative Harmony: Place Caribbean Calcite specimens in your living or workspace to infuse the environment with its soothing energies, promoting tranquility and mental clarity.


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